Made in Italy


All our products are entirely realized in Italy. We are proud of our Made in Italy label and we want to export the Italian quality all over the world. Our aptitude for lateral thinking and innovation allows us to realize new products customized to our customers’ needs.

100% Italian design and quality

Creativity and attention to detail distinguish and allow us to create products of the highest quality. The typically Italian approach to problem solving helps us meeting the demands of all our customers, even the most demanding.

Unlike most products on the market, ODIN tactical gear and accessories are realized by able Italian craftsmen with a well-established modus operandi in the tailoring field. Our workers’ experience and competence allow us to offer ergonomic products with an attractive design.

Taylormade: the Italian craftsmanship

Innovative solutions

We Italians are famous for our bond with traditions, our roots allow us to grow strong branches pointing upwards: future and innovation are cornerstones in our corporate vision. Thanks to a constant updating and a particular attention to new proposals, our operators will offer you innovative and amazing solutions.

ODIN is strongly rooted in the Italian territory, but with a global vision. The experience gained in our motherland allows us to bring products and solutions for different battlefields to every corner of the world.

Knowing our own land to reach the whole world