Research & Development


Research and Development are key areas in our company. Our products are designed and tested by people with an established experience in special forces, in order to give the best solutions to the industry professionals. Behind our offer there is always an extensive experience on the battlefield.

Investing for growth

The search for innovative, efficient and quality materials is the key to offering technologies which may guarantee the user maximum performance in all situations, even the toughest. Investing in research and development is part of our company’s present and future vision.

ODIN organizes training courses for anyone interested in learning more about the practical applications of our products in the field. We educate amateurs about the correct use of our tactical material but, at the same time, we listen to our customers, so as to continuously increase our know-how and be able to offer the best solutions.


Professional advice

ODIN is constantly in touch with its community, by offering regular advice to our customers. From individuals with a passion for this field to special corps, anyone who sources from our company will enjoy in-depth advice on the products’ technological specifications and their various potential applications.