For each product, ODIN takes inspiration from special forces’ experience on the field. We start by listening to professional feedback and then we strive to create the ideal solution for all our customers: a perfect mix of practicality, comfort and safety.

We listen to our customers

We always listen to the needs, doubts and desires of the people who daily wear our equipment. We constantly adapt our production to our customers’ needs, our community is very active and helps us to improve, with the aim of ensuring the Italian pure quality.

After listening to our customers’ requests, we look for the best materials and, thanks to our expert designers, we project and produce prototypes that we crucially examine and ultimately test on the battlefield, the most important check-up.

The design phase

Field testing

Our products are constantly tested by industry professionals in real situations: no simulations, just true experiences. Only through practical and tangible situations can we ensure efficiency and excellence.

Italian craftsmen’s accuracy and devotion at the service of your needs on the battlefield. Designated modular solutions and top quality workmanship for products that support operators all over the world.

Tailor-made development